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Deferred Exams

If you are unable to write an exam in the scheduled time slot or have an exam conflict, you may qualify for a deferred exam. The following information provides important details on deferred exam policies and procedures.

Qualifying for a Deferred Exam

Permission to write a deferred exam is a privilege, not a right, granted solely on the basis of extenuating circumstances.

A deferred exam may be requested for consideration if:

  • you have an exam conflict  (two exams scheduled for the same time slot) or three (or more) exams scheduled within one 24-hour period.
    • In either of these situations, you must email dlsdeferred@cna.nl.ca as soon as possible in order to avoid rescheduling delays. A copy of your exam schedule from CNA or applicable institution is required as supporting documentation. One exam will be scheduled during deferred exams (some exceptions may apply), and you will be notified via email when the deferred exam schedule has been posted.

  • you have fallen seriously ill.

  • a death has occurred in your immediate family (documentation such as obituary, death announcement, funeral liturgy required).

  • you are unable to reschedule work commitments (documentation from employer required).

  • other acceptable cause is provided (assessed on a case-by-case basis)

Applying for a Deferred Exam

Complete and submit the Deferred Exam Request form, along with supporting documentation, within two business days. Failure to submit documentation promptly will delay deferred exam approval and may forfeit your privilege to write a deferred exam.

What You Need to Know When Applying:

  • For exams cancelled/deferred due to weather conditions, a deferred request must be submitted within two business days of the original exam date.

  • Requests will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • Deferred midterms are normally written within two weeks of the last scheduled midterm exam, one week in Intersession. Deferred finals will be written within the first two weeks of the following semester. Some exceptions may apply. A list of exam dates is available by visiting https://dls.cna.nl.ca/current/exam_dates.shtml

  • Students will be afforded the opportunity to write only one deferred exam (per deferred request). Failure to take the deferred exam as scheduled will result in the forfeit of the allotted grade.

  • Deferred exams may differ from the original exam and may not necessarily follow the same format. It is your responsibility to follow up on the exam format with your instructor.

  • Deferred exams can only be written after the original exam has been administered.

  • Questions regarding deferred exams should be directed to the Service Coordinator by emailing dlsdeferred@cna.nl.ca or by calling 1.877.465.2250 (option 1).