Update on COVID-19 (Coronavirus)


Deferred Exams

If you are unable to write an exam in the scheduled time slot, or have an exam conflict, you may qualify for a deferred exam. To apply, complete the Deferred Exam Request Form and email to dlsdeferred@cna.nl.ca or fax to 709-466-4640. Submit the form and supporting documentation (outlined below) within two business days of the original exam date.

A deferred exam may be requested for consideration if:

  • you have an exam conflict (two exams scheduled for the same time slot) or three (or more) exams scheduled within one 24-hour period. In either of these situations, you must email dlsdeferred@cna.nl.ca as soon as possible in order to avoid rescheduling delays. A copy of your exam schedule from CNA or applicable institution is required as supporting documentation. One exam will be scheduled during deferred exams and you will be notified via email when the deferred exam schedule has been posted.

  • you have fallen seriously ill (medical documentation required).

  • a death has occurred in your immediate family (documentation such as obituary, death announcement, funeral liturgy required).

  • you are unable to reschedule work commitments (prior documentation from employer indicating the rationale required).

Questions regarding deferred exams should be directed to the Service Coordinator by emailing dlsdeferred@cna.nl.ca or by calling 1.877.465.2250 (option 1).