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Students can apply by using the Online Application. You must also provide a transcript of your high-school marks and pay a $30.00 non-refundable application fee.

To apply for a program please click the Apply Now! button below the navigation.

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Admissions Regulations

For detailed regulations related to Admissions visit the CNA website under Admission-Regulations

Academic Regulations

For detailed information on qualifying for a diploma or transcript, credit for prior learning, grade point marking system, etc., visit the CNA Website under Academic Regulations

Entrance Requirements


Once your application has been processed and you are deemed eligible, you will receive an acceptance package as well as other pertinent information by email to the address provided on your application. If not deemed eligible you will be notified of your options by email. NOTE: You will not receive acceptance through the postal mail.

In this package, you will find a Confirmation Form. Please complete all sections and return the form to the applicable campus along with a $97.00 Confirmation Fee (non refundable) by the date specified. This will confirm your acceptance in the online program. If you didn't receive your information package please contact Admissions at and allow 5 business days for a reply.

Transfer Guide

The Transfer guide is published annually by the Department of Advanced Education and Skills. It provides a list of course/block transfers available to students who are transferring credits from one institution to another within the public post-secondary system. For more information visit the CNA website under Transfer Guide