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Exam Supervision

At the beginning of every semester ALL students must complete and submit the Exam Registration Form. This form lets DL (Distributed Learning) know where you will be writing your exam(s), either on-campus (local CNA campus) or with private supervision.


  • If your location changes after you have submitted the Exam Registration Form, please submit another form with the new location indicated.
  • Students will be responsible for payment of exam invigilation services outside of Canada.

Deadline: This form MUST be submitted no later than two weeks after classes begin in Fall/Winter, one week in Intersession.


On-campus Supervision

Supervised exams will be written at the CNA campus nearest you. Exams written in the St. John's area are written at Prince Philip Drive campus. A list of CNA Campus Exam Coordinators and exam room numbers for each campus are available below.

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CNA Campus Exam Coordinators and Room Locations

Each CNA campus has an exam coordinator. The coordinator is responsible for assigning exam rooms, ensuring the required software is available in the exam room, identifying invigilators and directing exam issues to the Service Coordinator.

Campus Contact Email/Phone Room Location
Baie Verte (BV)

Juanita Kennedy

All exams are written in the Office Administration Classroom. A notice will be posted in the main entrance directing new students to the classroom.
Bay St. George (BG) Maureen Kennedy 709.643.7783
All exams are written at the DSB Fowlow Building in Room 219.
Bonavista (BO) Tracy Mouland


All exams are written in Room A110

Burin (BU)

Scott Barter


All exams are written in Room 2102.

Carbonear (CA)

Sherry Quirke


All exams are written in Room 130.

Clarenville (CL)

Maisie Caines


A notice will be posted in the main entrance on exam day as to the specific exam room(s).

Corner Brook (CB)

Denise Gibbons

Kim Short



All paper exams will be held in Room 207 and all exams requiring computer access will be in Room 219.

Gander (GR)

Fergus O'Brien


All exams will use Room 112 (or Room 111 as the alternate).

Grand Falls (GF)

Joan Pynn


All written exams will take place in Room 316 and all computer exams in Room 330.

Happy Valley (HV)

Rosemary Roberts


All exams are written in Computer Lab 2.

Lab West (LW)

Richard Sawyer


All exams are written in Computer Lab 2

Port aux Basques (PB)

Carol Ingram


All exams are written in Room 101B (or Room 101A as the alternate).

Placentia (PL)

Ada Wilson

Tele: 709-227-2037

All exams are written in Room 8.

Prince Phillip Drive (PP)

Distributed Learning


For exam room locations click this link. In addition, exam room locations will be posted in the main entrance.

St. Anthony (SA)

Brad Pilgrim


Paper exams are held in Room 114 and computer exams in Room 116. In the event that these rooms aren't available, the invigilator will direct students to an alternative room.

Seal Cove (SC)

Wanda Shea


All exams are written in Room 212.

Private Supervision

If you live approximately 40+ kms from the nearest College Campus, you can request to have your exam(s) privately supervised (invigilated). However, you may be required to travel to the nearest campus if exceptions apply.

If you are writing your exam(s) outside Canada, you are responsible for the invigilation costs charged by the institution or the individual supervising the exam.

All exams are written within the scheduled time frames from Monday-Thursday starting at 7:00 PM Newfoundland time. Students writing on Atlantic time, write at 6:30 PM, and all other students in other time zones will write as close to the 7:00 PM Newfoundland start time and within Help Desk hours. Some exceptions may apply.

When submitting the Exam Registration Form, please indicate the Community and Province in which you reside.

If there is a designated exam site/invigilator identified within approximately 40 kms of your community, you will be set up to write at that location and will receive an email with the contact information. It is your responsibility to follow-up with that exam site / invigilator at least one week prior to the exam date.

If we do not have an exam site/invigilator in your region, Distributed Learning staff will contact you and request the following information:

  • Name of the person in your community you wish to use to supervise your exam. For more detailed information on appropriate exam supervisors, please refer to the 'Acceptable Supervisors' section below.
  • The person's contact information including telephone number, mailing address and email address. Please include Fax number if available.
  • Also include the course(s) in which you are writing exam(s) in and your student ID.

Submit the required information via email to We will contact the suggested person/institution to verify they are eligible to supervise your exams. You will then receive an email confirming the exam site / invigilator. It is your responsibility to follow-up with that exam site/invigilator at least one week prior to the exam date.

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Acceptable Supervisors

Your exam supervisor should be a professional person in the community and be computer literate. Ideally, they will be affiliated with an educational institution, i.e., a local school. A Private Supervisor should be a:

  • school teacher/principal
  • post-secondary institution
  • clergy person
  • lawyer/judge
  • postmaster
  • commissioner of oaths
  • business person
  • librarian
  • banker

To avoid the possibility of conflict of interest, DL will not approve the following person(s) as an exam supervisor:

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Neighbors
  • Current CNA students
  • Co-Workers
  • Persons residing in the same residence

Note: DL reserves the right to deny supervisors it considers inappropriate.

If you require additional information regarding private supervision, please contact the DL Service by emailing