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Student Exam Rules & Information

Before the Exam

  1. Arrive on campus at least 20 minutes before your exam.

  2. Everyone to review and follow the entry point self-screening poster prior to entering college facilities.

  3. You are no longer required to wear a non-medical mask while on CNA sites. Should you choose to do so, masks may be available as quantities last. You are also permitted to bring your own masks.

  4. You are encouraged to maintain a physical distance of 2 meters, where possible.

  5. Do not enter the exam room until directed.

  6. Access to handwashing and hand sanitization materials is available.

  7. Bring your own required exam materials (e.g. calculator, pens, pencils, ruler, etc.). Do not share with other students.

  8. The following items are not allowed on or near you:
    • Electronic communication devices such as smartphones, smartwatches, or other Bluetooth devices
    • Outdoor coats
    • Bags, including pencil cases, purses, book bags, briefcases, etc.
    • Texts, notes, extra paper, devices, etc. that are not listed on the exam cover page or envelope
    • Food and drink, unless accompanied by medical documentation

  9. The following items are allowed in the exam room:
    • Water in a clear, closed container
    • Clear bag for pens, pencils, ruler, etc.
    • Approved calculator, according to the exam cover page, that has been checked by the invigilators. Invigilators have the right to inspect your calculator at any time.
    • Other materials as indicated on the exam cover page or envelope.

  10. If you are late, you cannot have extra time. If you are more than 30 minutes late for the start of the exam, you will not be allowed to enter. You may apply for a deferred examination, but is it not guaranteed it will be approved.

During the Exam

  1. You are not allowed to move desks or papers unless directed by an invigilator.

  2. Place your photo ID on the top corner of your desk during the exam.

  3. Raise your hand and inform an invigilator if you begin to feel sick during the exam.

  4. Washroom breaks are discouraged but allowed. Only one student is allowed to leave the room at a time. Washrooms are inspected for unauthorized materials or individuals. All other breaks must be preapproved. If you leave without consulting the invigilator, you will not be allowed back into the exam room. Possession of a communication device while on a break will be considered an act of academic dishonesty.

  5. Exam rooms must be quiet. Students may not speak to one another.

  6. Academic dishonesty and other conduct issues will be enforced as per Policy SS-201 Student Code of Conduct.

After the Exam

  1. You may not leave the exam room in the first 30 minutes or the last 15 minutes of the exam.

  2. If you want to leave before the exam time is up, raise your hand and wait for an invigilator to collect your papers. If you remain in the exam room until the exam time is up, stay seated until an invigilator collects your papers.

  3. No paper, including scrap paper, can be taken from the room by students. The invigilator will collect all paper.

  4. For computer-based exams, make sure your computer has been logged-off.

  5. Exit the room quietly and remain quiet until you exit the building.

These rules are subject to change based on public health directives at the time of the exam