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Atlantic Apprenticeship Harmonized Trades

Welcome to College of the North Atlantic (CNA). Whether this is your first time attending, or if you have trained with us before, we are pleased to help you gain the technical skills demanded by today's employers.

We are excited work with you via this new and innovative way of teaching trades. We understand you may have questions and you may wonder whether online training is right for you. The following information should provide some insights, and open the door for you to contact us if you require additional support.

Purpose - Improving Access

Apprentices wanting to access technical training have traditionally had to leave work for an extended period in order to attend school. This can be disruptive to your employer and your family, especially if you have to travel.

Incorporating online teaching tools into our trades training provides an opportunity to achieve a new balance. We are able to significantly reduce the time you have to attend class, be away from home, and minimize the time spent out of the workforce.

Level 2 Programs Offered

Below is a list of Level 2 programs being offered. Please click a program below for more information.