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Graduating from your College program is a significant achievement.

There are some final steps that you must undertake to obtain your graduation documentation.

We also invite you to celebrate your accomplishments by participating in a College of the North Atlantic graduation ceremony.

Distributed Learning will not automatically initiate the graduation audit process. If all of the requirements are met, you must apply to graduate and pay $50 Graduation Audit Fee. Please see the information below for details.

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Graduation Criteria

To qualify for a diploma, an advanced diploma, a post diploma or a certificate, learners must meet the following requirements:

  • Meet all the requirements as prescribed in the program of studies;
  • Obtain a mark of not less than 50% in every course in the program unless otherwise specified;
  • Attain a minimum grade point average of 2.0;
  • Obtain 25% or more of their credits from the college.

Learners who do not complete their diploma program in the prescribed time frame from first registration, may complete the program by following the regulations in effect at the time of first registration provided the program is completed in not more than three years beyond the regular date of completion. A learner who does not complete a program within these prescribed time limits may be required to complete additional courses or to repeat certain courses before being deemed eligible to receive the diploma.

Learners who return to complete a Diploma in Technology may not receive credit for courses that were completed more than five years prior to the date of readmission.

Learners enrolled in accredited Health Sciences programs will be permitted a maximum of one additional year to complete their program of studies.

Apply to Graduate

Complete the Apply to Graduate form. Upon processing your application, a review of your academic record will be conducted to ensure you have met all requirements to graduate. If deemed eligible, your certificate/diploma will be sent via mail.

College of the North Atlantic graduation ceremony dates are available here. If you wish to participate in a graduation ceremony, you must complete a Graduation Ceremony registration form. Check your College webmail for details and a link to the form. Deadline to register is April 26, 2019 (NO EXCEPTIONS!).  Please ensure to visit for updated FAQ’s and information on the ceremony at your chosen campus, as it becomes available.


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Job Search

The following are some of the resources available for pursuing job opportunities.

Career Beacon


LinkedIn Job Search



Student Loan Repayment

Repayment of student loans begin when you have graduated from your program; transferred to part-time studies; have left school; or, are taking a leave of absence from school for more than six months. For information about repayment visit Repaying Full-Time Loans