Intersession 2024 Course Offerings
  • For non-cohort students, see listing below.
  • Course dates are May 6 – June 20, 2024.
  • Course offerings are subject to sufficient enrollment.
Course # Course Title Prerequisite(s)
Certificate Level Courses
EE1181 Curriculum II EE1180
EE1341 Child Development II EE1340
EE1420 Creative Experiences I None
EE1421 Creative Experiences II None
EE1290 Positive Behaviour Guidance None
FH1340 Health & Safety None
EE1360 Observation EE1340
HR1300 Communications & Human Relations None
EE1480 Inclusion I EE1360, EE1340
EE2500 School-age Development & Care EE1341, EE1181
EE1440 Family Studies I None
FH1360 Childhood Nutrition None
FW1600 Field Placement I Prereqs: First Aid
Pre/Co-regs: EE1180, EE1340, EE1290, EE1420, FH1340
FW1601 Field Placement II Preregs: First-Aid,FW1600, EE1180, EE1340, EE1290, EE1420, FH1340, Pre/Co-reqs: EE1181, FH1360, EE1421, EE1360, EE1341
Diploma Level Courses
EE2040 Family Child Care None
EE2340 Child Development III EE1341
CM2130 Workplace Writing None
EE2260 Introduction to Child Care Administration EE2180
EE2470 Infant Development and Care EE2340, EE1360
Field Placement III Prereqs: First Aid, FW1601, EE1181, EE1341, EE1421, EE1360, FH1360, EE1440, EE1480, EE2500
Field Placement IV Prereqs: First Aid, FW2600, EE2180, EE2255

For the complete listing of courses required for the Diploma and Certificate programs, please see the Early Childhood Education full-time program pages.

Please note: Individuals must apply and be accepted into the ECE Program by Distributed Learning prior to being permitted to register for courses.

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