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Supplementary Exams

Supplementary examinations provide an opportunity for you to improve your standing in a course in which you have attained a failing grade of 5 or 10 marks below the stated pass mark. For upgrading purposes, in your last semester of studies, you may be given an opportunity to write a supplementary examination for a course in which you have attained the minimum pass mark or five marks above the minimum pass mark.

Qualifying for a Supplementary Exam

  • You must have attained a failing grade of 5 or 10 marks below the stated pass mark.
  • You may be eligible to write one supplementary per semester.
  • Supplementary exams will not apply to any course in which the final exam is worth less than 30%.
  • Academically dismissed students are not eligible to write supplementary exams.

Applying for a Supplementary Exam

  • Complete and submit the Supplementary Exam Request form.
  • A $25 supplementary exam fee will be charged to your student account when you submit this request form. Payment can be made using Student Self Service or by visiting your campus student service’s office.


  • The Services office will verify your eligibility to write a supplementary exam.
  • Refunds of the supplementary exam fee will be granted only if permission to write an exam is denied.
  • Comprehensive Arts and Science (CAS) Transfer: College-University program learners should contact a Guidance Counsellor, or the Service Coordinator, prior to applying for a supplementary exam for important information concerning course transferability.
  • Supplementary exams are scheduled to be written within the first two weeks of the following semester. The supplementary will be posted on the DL website.
  • Questions regarding supplementary exams should be directed to the Service Coordinator by calling 1.877.465.2250, menu option 1, or emailing