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Exam Regulations

It is your responsibility as a student to ensure that you are in the correct location on the day of the exam and be early enough to enable sufficient time for logging in. (Suggested time is 15-20 minutes prior to start of exam.)

  • Students are required to bring a valid photo ID to the exam site. Students will not be permitted to write without photo identification.
  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all supervised exams are "closed book." Any use of materials not provided by the examination will be considered improper conduct and subject to College Academic Discipline Policy.
  • Students are not permitted to have cell phones, blackberries, tablets or any other electronic storage or communication devices (including Bluetooth Earpieces, Headsets (unless required by exam), IPads, IPods, MP3 players, Smart Watches, etc.) in exam rooms or laboratories.
  • Calculators may be permitted in the exam room at the discretion of the instructor and/or the supervisor. Programmable calculators must be erased before it is permitted in the exam room (the exam supervisor has the right to inspect any calculator). Students are not permitted to borrow calculators from other students during the exam period.
  • Book bags, knapsacks, purses and other bags must be left in the space directed by the supervisor.
  • Any questions the student may have during an exam must be addressed to the invigilator and not to another student.
  • Students communicating with other students and/or caught cheating during an exam will be asked to leave and will receive a grade of zero on the exam.
  • No paper shall be permitted in the exam room, unless otherwise stated. Scrap paper will be provided for rough drafts, outlines, basic calculations, etc. No papers can be removed from the exam room.
  • Duplication of an exam, in any form, is strictly prohibited.

If you require additional information regarding on campus supervision, please contact the DL Service by emailing