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Work Exposure

Work Exposure

Many programs at College of the North Atlantic require students to complete an unpaid work exposure placement in order to obtain a program certificate or diploma. The purpose of the work placement is to provide a unique learning experience in a real workplace setting.

Students are expected to learn, develop and demonstrate the high standards of behaviour and performance normally expected in the work environment. During the work placement, students develop their employability and technical skills further enhancing their personal growth. It is an opportunity to learn from a new network of contacts and widen perceptions of life and career choices.

A work placement for a certificate program is two weeks and for diploma program is six weeks. Students will maintain the work schedule required by the employer with a minimum of 30 and a maximum of 40 hours per week.

The work placement typically takes place during Intersession pending the availability of a suitable employer. For students completing their program out of normal sequence, the work placement will take place in the semester immediately following the last semester of studies.

Only students graduating with a certificate will complete the two-week work placement. If you are in your first year and plan to complete a two-year diploma program, you will complete your work placement at the end of your second year.

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Students must complete the work exposure requirement in order to fulfill the program requirements for Office Administration and Business Administration. Students must have all program courses successfully completed and achieve a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0.

Office Administration Medical students must have their First Aid/CPR course completed prior to starting their work placement.

Students who wish to obtain a placement with a health authority will be required to adhere to additional regulations such as a health check, certificate of conduct, etc. Other employers have their own regulations and may require additional documentation such as a certificate of conduct. The work placement instructor for your program will provide additional information if this is applicable to your placement.

Tuition / Registration

Students are required to register for the Work Placement course via Self-Service during the registration period. Registration is required to ensure you are covered by the College while on your placement. You will be required to pay a tuition fee of $49 per week. You may pay your fees at your nearest campus or mail your payment to Office of Distributed Learning, College of the North Atlantic, 69 Pleasant Street, Clarenville, NL A5A 1V9. To arrange payment by credit card please use Self Service. Fees are due by the Semester Fee Deadline Date.

Arranging a Work Placement

If you are enrolled in the last semester of courses towards the completion of a program through DL (Office or Business Administration), complete and submit a Work Placement Request form by the deadline required. If you already have a work placement secured, please include the employer information on the work placement request form. If you do not have a placement secured, you will be required to provide contact information for two employers within your preferred geographic region.

You are required to submit an updated resume for submission to potential placement sites for review and selection. Submit your resume to

Admissions will audit your file to ensure you have completed all program courses and have obtained a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0. If deemed eligible, a College representative will contact you to begin the process of finding a suitable work placement.

Learners who do not complete their diploma program in the prescribed time frame from first registration, may complete the program by following the regulations in effect at the time of first registration provided the program is completed in not more than three years beyond the regular date of completion. A learner who does not complete a program within these prescribed time limits may be required to complete additional courses or to repeat certain courses before being deemed eligible to receive the diploma.


If you are currently working in your area of study, you may qualify for an exemption from the work placement requirement. Application for exemption will only be accepted in the last semester of your program.

To apply for an exemption, submit the following via email to or fax to 709-466-4640 or by mailing to Office of Distributed Learning, College of the North Atlantic, 69 Pleasant Street, Clarenville, NL A5A 1V9.

  • Application for Exemption/Credit Transfer - Printable form
  • Current resume
  • Self-evaluation (assess and evaluate your work position by identifying personal strengths and areas for improvement)
  • Job description
  • Letter from employer stating
    • position title
    • dates of employment
    • hours of work (i.e. 37.5/week)
    • complete listing of MS Office software/versions being utilized
    • contact name, number and email address (employer will be required to complete a work placement evaluation of your work performance)

Application packages received with missing documentation will not be processed until all required materials are submitted. Additional employment related information may be requested.

Certificate & Diplomas

Program certificates and diplomas will be issued upon completion of the work placement and receipt of the work placement evaluation report from the employer. Please allow 5-6 weeks for processing and ensure the address we have on file is your current mailing address. To submit a change of address, complete and submit a Change of Personal Information form. No transcripts, certificates or diplomas are issued if there are outstanding fees on your account.

If you have questions regarding your work placement or require assistance, please email


  • Rehabilitation Assistant (OTA and PTA) students should refer to Program Information under the Rehabilitation Assistant (OTA and PTA) website for further information on clinical placement requirements.

  • Early Childhood Education students should refer to the Program Information under the Early Childhood Education website for information on fieldwork placements.