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Your course(s) will likely already have a textbook identified, however, you may not have the most up-to-date version of it. Waiting for textbooks can cause delays, frustration and unnecessary stress. You can now get instant access to a digital copy of your text using VitalSource.

What is VitalSource?

VitalSource provides an efficient way for you to compare textbooks by providing instant access to thousands of higher education titles from most major textbook publishers. This makes it easy for you to:

  • preview a book before adoption,
  • determine the scope of change in a revised edition, or
  • find supplementary material from another source if necessary.

How Do I Get Access?

Access is free. Simply create an account to access a limited sample of a book until the specific publisher grants full-access (1-2 days). Once access is granted you will have full access to other titles from that publisher as well.

  1. Create an account and/or sign in.
  2. Use the Search Box at the top of the page to search by title, author, keyword or ISBN.
  3. Preview any title that interests you by clicking the Take a Look button. Choose Exit Reader to return to listing if the book does not appeal to you or choose Add to Bookshelf if interested in viewing the entire book.
  4. Once added to your Bookshelf, you have the option of reviewing it by clicking the Read Now button, or you can continue to search and add more titles. Books added will appear in the left pane and a separate search button will be available to allow you to search within your own collection.
  5. Once in the Reader you can expand the Table of Contents to view the order and layout of the book, to search for specific pages or terms, or to 'thumb' through content pages using the left and right Arrow buttons.
  6. Choose Exit Reader button to return to your Bookshelf.
  7. Remember to Sign Out of VitalSource when done.
  8. Add the link to your Favourites, or add a shortcut to your desktop for future reference.