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Media Productions

Video Production

Students today expect more than text-based, instructor led experiences. The development of media-rich, quality content can be a daunting and time-consuming experience. Fortunately, we have the tools and expertise to assist.

Working collaboratively our instructional design team and media experts can help you storyboard and record critical learning objects for course inclusion.

Video Production

Video recordings can be used to enhance course content in a number of ways. For example, video recordings might include welcome messages, course introductions by individual instructors, essential demonstrations or lectures, and/or recordings of guest speakers.

View examples below.

An Introduction to Oral Communications - Instructor, Clarence Farrell provides an overview of the course.

Assisted Bed Mobility - Frank Knox and Lucy Miller demonstrate essential techniques (Rehabilitation Assistant (OTA and PTA) Program)

The Business of Food with Chef, Chris Sheppard - Instructor (and Chef), Chris Sheppard explains how to develop a Recipe Cost Card

Setting up the Gregg Quick Filing Practice Kit – Instructor Kelly Taylor-Hulan,(Office Administration Program)

Other Media

Other forms of media include animations, screen capture demonstrations, and interactive learning objects and assessment tools. Tools such as Skype, Virtual Classroom, Raptivity and Adobe Captivate allow rapid development of quality learning materials.

Media Assistance

If you have an idea for a multimedia addition to your course, please contact an Instructional Design Specialist to discuss your development options. Keep in mind that multimedia elements should serve a clear purpose and add value to your course.

When requesting assistance, please be sure to specify the following:

  • The name and number of the course being enhanced.
  • The type of media element requested:
    • Instructor Welcome Video
    • Video Introduction to Course
    • Video Demonstration
    • Critical Lecture
    • Guest Speaker Presentation
    • Screen Capture Demonstration
    • Animation
    • Other
  • If you are requesting the development of a learning object or element to enhance existing content, please specify the following:
    • The purpose of the proposed element
    • The learning objective to which the element relates
    • The unit and page in which the element is to be added

For more information, contact an Instructional Design Specialist.