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DL Video Series

We have created some DL Know How Videos covering a variety of topics in Brightspace. Please see videos below:

Managing Content

Creating a News Item

Adding Content (HTML, Word, etc.)

Adding Content (Video, URL, etc.)

Using the Classlist

Class Progress

Copying Course Components

Export Course Content

Import Course Content

Course Calendar

Create Virtual Classroom (Full Class)

Create Virtual Classroom (Individual Student)

Add Existing Activities to Contents

View As Student

Creating A Quiz

Grading A Quiz

Creating an Assignment with the Dropbox

Adding Restrictions in Dropbox

Grading Dropbox Items

Creating Discussion Forums and Topics

Editing Discussion Topics

Grading Discussions

Virtual Classroom

Unique Grading Circumstances

Entering Non-Numeric Grades in Peoplesoft

Transferring Grades

Converting a Notepad or Word Test into D2L using Respondus 4.0