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Moving a course from On-Campus delivery to an online environment can be an adjustment for an instructor.

Use this website to learn about the best practices and available tools for teaching your class remotely.

We currently have approximately 250 courses already developed for online delivery. If you are teaching one of these courses on campus and would like to avail of this content please complete the following form:

Before attempting to use remote teaching tools, make sure the operating system and internet browser on your home computer and/or tablet are on the latest versions. These tools will work best when systems are up-to-date. Please view our Computer Requirements page for more information.

As always, you can reach out to our DL Service Helpdesk ( for assistance.

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This section provides links to quality resources to help you become proficient in the use of Brightspace by D2L. Click the link below for Tips and Tutorial Guides.

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We have created some DL Know How Videos covering a variety of topics in Brightspace. Click the link below for our Know How Video Series.

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A dedicated Help Desk support team is available to help both faculty and students with any technical support needs. Our team members possess a wide range of technical skills and look forward to answering your questions, finding solutions to your problems and ensuring that your online experience is an enjoyable one.

Please contact the helpdesk by online chat, email or calling toll free at 1.877.465.2250 option 1

Lisa Skinner is also available for any Brightspace by D2L related training you may need. Email her at to book a session.