Early Childhood Education

Field Placement

Updated Wednesday March 20, 2019 10:44 AM

Students in the ECE Diploma program are required to complete four Field Placements: FW1600, FW1601, FW2600, FW2601. A minimum of 4 weeks must be completed at a CNA demonstration child care centre, over a maximum of two Field Placement courses.

Please submit the ECE Field Placement Intent to Register form: http://dls.cna.nl.ca/ece/forms/fieldwork/FieldworkRequest.aspx by April 5, 2019.

Students in the ECE Certificate program are required to complete two Field Placements: FW1600, FW1601. A minimum of 4 weeks must be completed at a CNA demonstration child care centre, over a maximum of the two Field Placement courses.

  • FW1600 - Field Placement I (5 weeks)
  • FW1601 - Field Placement II (5 weeks)
  • FW2600 - Field Placement III (4 weeks)
  • FW2601 - Field Placement IV (4 weeks)

FW1600 - FW2601:  Learners are expected to take increasing levels of responsibility for the program and the children with whom they are working.

  • Learners with a minimum of 2 years experience in an early learning setting may apply for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) for FW1600.
  • Learners cannot apply for PLAR for subsequent field placement courses (FW1601, FW2600, FW2601).

Prerequisites for a field placement must be completed before enrolling in a specific field placement course.

Course # Course Title Co-requisite Courses and Pre-requisite Courses


Field Placement I

EE1180, EE1340, EE1420, EE1290, FH1340, (may also be completed as co-requisites), First Aid and CPR


Field Placement II

Pre-requisites: FW1600, EE1180, EE1340, EE1420, EE1290, FH1340

Co-requisites: EE1181, FH1360, EE1421, EE1360 (may also be completed as pre-requisites)


Field Placement III

FW1601, EE1181, EE1341, EE1421, EE1360, FH1360, EE1440, EE1480, EE2500


Field Placement IV

FW2600, EE2180, EE2255

Placement sites: Provincial program standards require that learners must complete the majority of their placements in a licensed child care centre. A minimum of 500 hours for the Diploma, 260 for the Certificate, must be completed in a licensed child care centre, while the remaining hours may take place in an alternate early learning setting, i.e., licensed family child care home, family child care agency, family resource centre, or kindergarten classroom.

On-Campus placements: College policy requires each learner to complete a minimum of 4 weeks on-campus, at a College of the North Atlantic demonstration child care centre, located at St. John's, Corner Brook, and Happy Valley - Goose Bay. Supervising ECE faculty determine if more than one on-campus placement may be required.

CNA demonstration child care centres are located at St. John+s, Corner Brook, and Happy Valley - Goose Bay.
  • The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development provides a bursary of $2,500 to students who successfully complete an on-campus placement. Please refer to Early Childhood Education (ECE On-Campus Field Placement Bursary Program.
  • Accommodations: If you register for one of the on-campus field placement courses in St. John's, and would like accommodations in St. John's at Memorial University, please contact Dawn Baldwin at dbaldwin@mun.ca or 709-864-4335.

  • Requests for on-campus placement are impacted by capacity. If interested in attending an on-campus placement, registration should be submitted as soon as it becomes available for the upcoming semester.